by "Black Injun Ballad #1: A Labor of Lions"

Consider this the VIP room that takes the pull of a book on the shelf to open, or the turn of a candlestick. Don’t mind the dust and cobwebs, I don’t let many folk back here. For those who made the march, know I am in awe of what you do. You have put time and effort into making things that have inspired me; and while not always making me a better person, surely you have had a hand in making me a better artisan. Took a long time to get this here, and I know it’s no American Gods, it’s got less dimension than Dark Tower- can’t lie about that, but it’s a good f’ing story. The sort of tale you get the day after giving the rabbit the gun, it’s gonna get crazy. I hope you enjoy this as I have enjoyed you work. Thank you. 

-B.W. Sun



All Color Tribe Podcast Intro:

Hunter Jankstrom, Connor Z. Martin,

Kamariyah Ross and B.W. Sun

The All Color Tribe Podcast is

Assembled and Hosted by:

B.W. Sun

The All Color Tribe Podcast Producers:

Jay Ross & B.W. Sun

“Black Injun Ballad #1: A Labor of Lions”

Scribbled, Supervised & Assembled by:

B.W. Sun

Footing the Bill:

Josh Andersen, Leana Carter,

Sean McCann, B.W. Sun

and Paula Wyant

International Army of Vocal Soldiers:

Themba Allene (Black Injun)

Josh Andersen (Theodore Cadet & Drunk)

Abbey Blick (Halina)

Aimee Davis (Aella)

Olivia Effinger (Anna Sophia)

Faleminderit (Perch)

Allen Jones (Jakub, Leonard, Piotr, Bernard & Filip)

Sean McCann (Wercon Spargo)

Melissa K. Marks (King Mel & Mother)

M.F. Rex (Narrator)

Kevin Ross (Reela)

Blind Wandering Sun (Glos Boga Milo, Man at Bar, Stefan, Michal, Correy and Father)

“Lone Prairie” performed by Pamela Pascua, written by B.W. Sun

“Ol’ Cooter” performed by Themba Allene, written by B.W. Sun

Guitar riff by Josh Andersen

Indian Flute performance by Oscar Soundscape

Native Flute performance by Carlos Carty

Violin performance by Ruth Bosco

Special Thanks To:

Soundbunny, Fiverr, Freesound, Soundsnap, Jeri Hilt and Dustin Stark