The Black Injun Ballads

The Black Injun Ballads are a series of tales set in a post-nuclear wasteland that befell the United States somewhere in the future. Black Injun, following the foretellings of an eccentric fortune teller, embarks to become a legend, his name spoken for one hundred thousand years. Often joined by his mute compadre, Big Mother Fucker, alongside a slew of other ruckus individuals carving out a piece of their own in this world gone bad went worse. Loosely based on the Labors of Heracles and wildly reimagined by B.W. Sun. 


BALLAD #1: A Labor of Lions (2018)

Black Injun, along with his silent sidekick, Big Mother Fucker, take to trail in travel of fulfilling the final prophecy of a slain, seeing strumpet. Upon the orders of a gender transcending majesty, the two hope-to-be heroes embark on a journey seeking salvation for filched females from a canonical desert cult, accompanied by a young girl who’s on a mission all her own.

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  • Black Injun Ballad #2: The Dead President Initiative

  • Old Hag vs. Gutom Bruha and the Teihiihan