All Color Tribe

Live for your family, your tribe and the siblings you will make along you way.
— The Great Spirit

Our Mission

The All Color Tribe is the production company behind the Black Injun Ballads canon. A family outfit, our aim is to provide quality content with an overt focus on diversity through compelling and contemporary characters.


B.W. Sun

Creator, Scribbler, Ponderer, Wanderer, Executive Producer and Director

B.W. was born in Kansas and raised between Connecticut & California, before taking to roam the North American range and hasn't stopped yet. Currently, the Cheeky Cherokee is camped out in Indian Country with MF Earl and Woo Bitches, a shih tzu and maltese that provide spiritual guidance and the occasional dog fart.  


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Jay Ross

Producer, Dreamweaver, Good Example and Chicken Slayer

Owner and Artist of the tattoo shop, Xclusive Artz, in the historic Lower 9 of New Orleans, Jay is a hometown hero and local ink legend. When not transferring dreams to dermis, he's busy being a proud father of three and working to create a better tomorrow for the community that brought him up through charity and community empowerment. He kind of looks like Lebron, too. 


Josh Andersen

Producer, Creative Council, Wizard, Dutch Uncle and Cat Conservationist

Josh was raised looking up and thinking big under the supervision of the mighty redwoods in Northern California. A life long love for all things tech, he pursued an education in computer programing at UCSB. Proud alumni, after gradation, Josh has continued on as an employee of the institution. Taking political action and organizing for LGBT rights and equality of all across the board. Josh reside with his amazing wife, Gina, and together they raise a cat on the southern California coastline.


Sean McCann

Producer, Creative Council, Medicine Man, Sage and Straight Shooter

Professional medicine man and acupuncturist, amateur ornithologist and financial investor, Sean is a nomad in his own right. Be it founding a non-profit for Kenyan aide-work on the ground, providing health services for indigenous Americans in the Carolinas, or working with the terminally ill in Humboldt County, California; Sean generously and exhaustively works to make the world brighter for those living dark places. A married man and father of one with triplets foretold.